The Right Stuff

We now know the winner of American Idol right? But, it was actually all the performances people were talking about today. I have to admit most nights I'm asleep by 7pm but when I heard PITBULL was on I bolted out of bed just to hear him say...DALE! Anyway, New Kids on the Block also took to the stage and I thought this photo would be the perfect throwback. 


November 2004 Jordan Knight performed in San Marcos. I worked at the campus radio station (KTSW) at the time & thought it would be good practice to call his people and book an interview, to my surprise he was cool and agreed! 

I have to admit I was so nervous This was like my teen heartthrob!! My sisters & I probably took about a gazillion pictures with the one poster we had on the wall. We may have played the cassette a gazillion times too!